“The landscape of education is fragmented, ineffective, and overpriced; by and large, people are paying far too much for far too little.”

That college costs too much and delivers too little is a problem on many levels... but this is about more than just college. This runs deeper, to the goal of success and upward mobility that college is expected to serve.

“Good teachers are the ones who can, and do, and teach – but that intersection can be a difficult balancing act.”

While the best choice of educator used to be a great teacher who also knew the subject matter, now the only ones who can do the job are the experts in subject matter who are also great teachers

“As a business leader, your imperative is to find good talent, retain those employees, and train them to produce the best individual performance and collective culture of innovation.”

The first step in that direction is taking a long, hard look at what really leads to success and performance.

Why Leveraged Learning Matters Now

Why isn’t education working like it used to? Why are so many people frustrated by the the education they’ve had access to, and the opportunities it’s afforded them? Watch this video to find out…

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